Are Utilities Hacking The

Three months ago, Consumer Watchdog launched the - a searchable online database with hundreds of thousands of documents and emails from inside the scandal-ridden California Public Utilities Commission. Now, it seems as though someone may be attempting to gain unauthorized access to the system, with over 400 attempts from all over the world.
After a user tried to enter the system numerous times at a distant location, the IP address was permanately locked out. In the weeks since then, more than 400 IP addresses from all over the world have attempted to gain access to the server. The attempted hack has the hallmarks of a hack-bot attempting to gain access, with the IP address changing with each attempt. The IP addresses coorespond with locations from Munich, to India, to Albuquerque.
The PUC Papers have already broken a number of scandals - uncovering improper relationships between the state entity and the utilities it is meant to regulate. It's no surprise that the are being targeted - they have within them hundreds of unknown scandals involving some of the most powerful players in California politics, and the energy business.
The PUC Papers may be under attack, but no one has yet been able to gain access. What are the possible hackers trying to hide? Search through the documents on the and see what you can dig up.

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