So Cal Gas Authored Aliso Blackout Report...But How Much?

Who wrote the report released by energy regulators this week that shocked Southern California with the notion that it could face 14 days of blackouts without Aliso Canyon's gas reserve?
Southern California Gas. The very company with billions of dollars in reasons to keep the faulty and ancient reserve open.
How do we know? The report says so. It just doesn't say how much.

A Public Records Act request by Aguirre & Severson today asks just that question.  

The dubious report was written in secrecy with the company responsible for the leak who has every reason to scare the public into fearing blackouts are the cost of not bringing Aliso back online.  That despite a request by Consumer Watchdog for an open process.

This is just another chapter in the PUC-gate scandal. Will the Democratic lawmakers challenge their Governor over it?



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