Brown's Fingerprints on Corpses of Bills To Allow Superior Court Review of PRA Denials

The timing was breathtaking. On August 31, a state court ruled Governor Brown’s emails in a utility scandal could not be made public because the Superior Court had no jurisdiction. 

Late that night, as this year’s legislative session closed, Brown reneged on a summer agreement he made with lawmakers to create such court review in a sweeping package of Public Utility Commission reforms. 

Why Did Campaign Watchdog Kill Campaign Disclosure?

AB 700, to improve disclosure in political ads and ferret out the true source of campaign funding, was killed in the legislature this week by a surprising foe: the Fair Political Practices Commission.

Consumer Watchdog submited a Public Records Act request to the FPPC today to try to get to the bottom of this mystery, asking for all communications into and out of the Commission on AB 700, and other key reform bills that were killed or watered down beyond efficacy this year.

Developers Coast To Victory On Coastal Commission Reform Defeat

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson’s valiant effort, SB-1190, to ban ex parte communications between developers and commissioners at the California Coastal Commission, and AB 2002, an Assembly group effort to limit ex parte meetings and require developers' contract spokespeople to register as lobbyists, died on the last night of the legislative session.

It's no wonder, given the scale of donations to the California Democratic Party from those interested in building and developing along the coast.

Could Jerry Brown Be Washing His Dirty Hands?

In the wake of revelations that the energy industry donated nearly $10 million dollars to Governor Brown and the Democratic Party since he came to office, often within days of winning favors that have slowed California's transition away from fossil fuels, is Brown trying to wash his dirty hands?

Our report, Brown’s Dirty Hands, describes Brown’s relationships to the fossil fuel industry, including his own stake in a coal project. 

Big Win Against Opioid Addiction

For over a decade Bob and Carmen Pack have fought to prevent reckless opioid prescribing after losing their two young children in an accident caused by a driver high on drugs and alcohol.

Blackouts? What Blackouts?

Last April, the state's energy regulators and Southern California Gas tried blackout blackmail to reopen Aliso Canyon. They claimed that if the natural gas storage facility didn't reopen, the area faced possible blackouts of up to 14 days. Blackouts? What blackouts? The fact is, there were no blackouts.


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