Beholden Chris Holden’s Big Utility Tent

First, we carolers had to convince some beefy Pasadena police that we didn’t come to Assemblyman Chris Holden’s Christmas open house at his district office to disrupt the festivities and dirty up the place (though we did leave a lunch bag of coal behind). Politely, we explained we were there in good fun to sing adapted Christmas carols to the man instrumental to a giant corporate bailout of Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, Sempra and other utilities responsible for sparking deadly wildfires. 

9 Year-Old-Girl Scolds Jerry Brown Over Oil Drilling

This TV ad will debut in San Francisco next week during Brown’s Global Climate Action Summit


Adults have gotten nowhere calling on Jerry Brown to limit oil drilling within a couple thousand feet of homes and schools. 

Consumer Wins In Sacramento: The End of Session Scorecard

A win in the California statehouse on the last day of session usually means not losing too much, but last night California consumers  scored tangible victories.
Here is last night's statehouse scorecard:

Double Victory: The Paint Boycott Worked

Yesterday was a big day for consumer justice!
Just 24 hours after we launched the #BoycottSherwinWilliams boycott, the paint company decided to pull its deceptive ballot initiative to erase its liability for poisoning families with lead in its paint. 
Add that victory to the signing of yesterday's online California consumer privacy law and June 28th 2018 will go down in history as a monumental day for consumer rights.


Boycott Sherwin-Williams Paint!

New campaign urges paint maker to Get The Lead Out
UPDATE: 6/28/18 5 PM The Boycott worked! Sherwin Williams and Con Agra pulled their ballot measure from the November ballot. Congrats to all.
Paint maker Sherwin Williams has decided to go to the California ballot with a deceptive ballot initiative to erase its liability to the public for poisoning families with lead in its paint. We have decided to boycott Sherwin Williams paint stores.


Not Every Angeleno Prospers In The Oil Economy

“Not every Angeleno is going to prosper in the ‘Next-Gen new economy,’” according to a recent newspaper ad by the State Building & Construction Trades. The union wants politicians not to “be bullied into supporting job killing regulations that are designed to shutter yet another Southern California industry.” This one being the oil and gas industry.


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