Is PG&E Snooping On Consumer Watchdog?

Throughout 2016, Consumer Watchdog has been breaking news stories about inappropriate relationships between PG&E, state regulators, and the Governor’s office. Now it seems as though PG&E may be conducting espionage on Consumer Watchdog.

Consumer Watchdog recently got a call that an employee of ‘crisis management’ firm G.F.Bunting+Co was contacting our associates and asking questions about us.

Research revealed that they may be acting on behalf of PG&E, or their allies in state politics.

G.F. Bunting’s website reveals Roger Putnam, of Squid Communications, as a consultant. Overzealous Facebook posting shows that on a west coast trip, Putnam went from G.F. Bunting’s office, to the California State Capitol, to PG&E’s headquarters.

The photo of the state Capitol has the caption, “Meeting with more energy friends”.

G.F. Bunting’s inquiries into Consumer Watchdog have come just after Consumer Watchdog released – a database of communications between regulators & PG&E, which reveal widespread corruption in the state.

Could it be that PG&E is the client, pushing G.F. Bunting to dig into Consumer Watchdog’s past?

Roger Putnam filed a complaint on Consumer Watchdog's website claiming he is not working for PG&E, or any other organization investigating Consumer Watchdog. He has not responded to requests to speak about the issue any further.

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