Under the Dome

Special Report: Will The Leak At Porter Ranch & PUC-Gate Ruin Brown’s Legacy?

Does Jerry Brown see that the stink from the growing natural gas leak in Aliso Canyon and other utility scandals could also be the cloud that tarnishes his legacy after four terms of having voters’ favor?

Special Report Part II: Will PUC-Gate Ruin Brown's Legacy?

Exhibit B in the case of  PUC-gate vs. Jerry Brown: the scandal at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Stations (SONGS), the PUC corruption scandal around its closure, and Brown’s complicity with more-of-the-same.  

Special Report Part III: Saving Brown's Legacy

Exhibit C in the case of PUC-gate v. Jerry Brown: San Bruno and Pacific Gas Electric. And how Brown can beat the bad rap history books could bestow.

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