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DMV Should Take Google's License If It Refuses to Release Car Crash Videos

We now know a little bit more more about the Valentine’s Day crash of a Google self-driving robot car into a transit bus, but not because of anything Google or the Department of Motor Vehicles did.  That needs to change.

Google’s Robot Car Report Shows DMV Is Right

There is new proof that California's Department of Motor Vehicles is getting it right with its proposed regulations for the general deployment of self-driving robot cars. Ironically, the evidence comes directly from Google itself, which has said it is “gravely disappointed” by the draft rules.

New DMV Robot Car Rules Prioritize Safety

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has just issued draft rules covering the public use of self-driving robot cars that incorporate a key safety provision long advocated by Consumer Watchdog, sponsor of this website. The draft regulations require robot cars to have a steering wheel and pedals and be occupied by a licensed driver capable of taking control of the vehicle when necessary.

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