Robot Cars

DMV Considering Flawed Robot Car Rules; Deployment Should Not be Allowed

The current California regulations covering testing autonomous vehicles have set the standard for the nation by promoting innovation while protecting the safety of our highways.   Unfortunately, the Department of Motor Vehicles has proposed new rules covering testing of robot cars without steering wheels as well as the deployment of autonomous vehicles for public use.

The rules covering testing could be enacted with amendments, but the deployment rules are premature and should be withdrawn.

Google Seeks Congressional Shortcut Around CA DMV Safety Regulations for Robot Cars

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has put safety first and has proposed autonomous vehicle regulations that require a human driver behind the steering wheel and brake pedal capable of taking control when necessary.

DMV Should Take Google's License If It Refuses to Release Car Crash Videos

We now know a little bit more more about the Valentine’s Day crash of a Google self-driving robot car into a transit bus, but not because of anything Google or the Department of Motor Vehicles did.  That needs to change.

Google Threatens DMV That It Will Pick Up Its Toys and Drive Elsewhere

Google is telling the California Department of Motor Vehicles that if proposed regulations are enacted that require a human driver behind the wheel, capable of taking control of a self-driving robot car, the company will take the vehicles elsewhere.

Robot Cars: Are They Safe?

Norm and Jamie discuss the push for self-driving robot cars and whether they are safe or not:

After Prompting, DMV Will Post Robot Car Crash Reports Online

The Department of Motor Vehicles announced today that it will now post all robot car crash reports on its website and send out a news alert when a new one is added.

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