SoCal Oil Refiners Double Profits While Gas Prices Soar

CBS News This Morning: California Drivers Are Feeling New Pain At The Pump These Days


KTVU FOX TV - 2 San Francisco - Consumer Watchdog Presents Evidence to California Attorney General of Gas Price Manipulation by Oil Refiners

At a meeting of the state commission charged with investigating gas price manipulation, Consumer Watchdog delivered an analysis showing that since the end of May California’s largest oil refiners have engaged in unprecedented price manipulation to keep California gasoline prices artificially high using their leverage over prices at their branded stations.

Oil Companies Record Exports Help Cause CA Gas Price Spike

National radio host Norman Goldman and Consumer Watchdog President Jamie Court talk about how oil companies have been sending record exports of gas overseas in order to help keep supplies low, which combined with refinery outages, jacked up CA gas prices.

KCBS TV-2 Los Angeles: Conflict of Interest By Head of CA Housing Finance Agency Evicting His Tenants


KCBS TV-2 Los Angeles
Randy Paige investigates the conflict of interest by Matthew Jacobs, the head of the California Housing Finance Agency evicting the tenants of his new building to put up condos.

Are Google's Driverless Cars Safe?

National radio host Norman Goldman and Consumer Watchdog President Jamie Court discuss Google's driverless cars project and whether they are safe and if Google will release full information on their crash reports.


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