Big Oil Is Gouging Californians

Will Big Oil Money Continue to Trump Public Interest in Legislature?

As news that California allowed thousands of oil and fracking wells to dump waste water into protected underground aquifers surfaced, legislation to prevent such environmental disasters wound its way to a floor vote in both houses of the Legislature.  

Billionaire Joins With Consumer Watchdog To Take On Big Oil In California

Consumer Watchdog President Jamie Court talks with radio host Norman Goldman about Consumer Watchdog joining with NextGen Climate and billionaire Tom Steyer to demand action on the price gouging at the pump in CA by Big Oil.


Report: Golden State Gouge: The Summer of Record Refining Profits

This report analyzes the growing profits of California's major refiners in the second quarter of 2015, which saw a record price spike. In reviewing data from the California Energy Commission, researchers found that oil refiners were able to triple refiner margins the second week of July to a record $1.61 a gallon, representing the amount of money refiners receive for each gallon sold at the pump. The historical margin over the last fifteen years is 48 cents

NextGen Climate Founder Tom Steyer Joins Consumer Watchdog In Call for Oil Company Accountability and Lays Out Initiative Framework

SoCal Oil Refiners Double Profits While Gas Prices Soar


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